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Divorcing couples look for co-parenting solutions

Colorado couples who go through a divorce may face a challenge adjusting to their new relationship as co-parents. Even people whose breakup was contentious will need to work together with their children for years to come, so it can be important to develop a positive relationship from the beginning. Parents with harsh feelings about each other can benefit from putting those aside for the sake of their children, who are often dedicated to the love of both of their parents. Outside a situation of abuse or neglect, most professionals believe that children benefit from a strong relationship with both parents.

How Colorado fathers can secure parenting rights

Society recognizes that a dad's importance in a child's life is just as relevant as the mom's. In fact, most state court systems acknowledge this too. Still, many more children today live primarily with their mothers rather than with their fathers. Custody arrangements can be difficult for divorcing couples to work out, but the final decisions should be based on the children's best interests.

Preparing for child custody hearings

Parents in Colorado who are seeking custody of their children may need to attend a custody hearing. To get the most out of the hearing, parents should be organized and ready to articulate the reasons why they should have a significant role in their children's lives. It may be a good idea to observe other cases to get an idea of the types of questions that a judge may ask.

Parallel parenting works for parents who don't agree to co-parent

Colorado parents headed for divorce court may have heard about co-parenting as well as parallel parenting plans. These are two distinct variations of parenting arrangements that can be adopted and enforced by courts when a family splits. If parents cannot agree on a plan, a court is most likely to impose a parallel plan, but if the parents can get along and are committed to setting aside personal interests in favor of what most benefits the children, co-parenting is an option that has proven beneficial to children.

Can nesting work for divorcing Colorado couples with kids?

When parents are facing divorce, it is never an easy time for them or their kids. It is usually best for children if their parents can work together and continue co-parenting. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin committed to 'conscious uncoupling," which included effective co-parenting for the good of their two children. It sometimes takes a certain amount of resilience for parents to put their children's needs first, especially if they have a volatile relationship, but some manage to do it well.

Life after divorce: making children's school year great

Parents in Colorado and elsewhere who are dealing with divorce face many pressures. It's not easy learning to handle child custody arrangements and payments and parenting time. Finding ways to move forward financially after a marital separation can also be tricky.

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