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Finding concealed assets of divorcees

For many divorced people, there's a realization that their ex-spouse is hiding money in order to prevent it from being distributed fairly. These individuals fall into a few categories: a person currently going through divorce seeking fair compensation and people who are already divorced and aren't receiving court-ordered payments. Whether it's a good idea for these individuals to pay a professional to find concealed assets depends on a variety of factors.

Divorce considerations for older couples

Statistics show that more Americans are getting divorced nearer to retirement age. It's important to note that these "gray divorces" can present unique considerations for the spouses involved. Instead of child custody, this age group may be concerned about losing half of the assets they have spent a lifetime building. Annuities can be particularly complicated to divide, and some couples in Colorado may opt to trade them for other assets since they could lose value when split.

Dealing with inherited IRAs during divorce

When people in Colorado make the decision to divorce, sorting out financial matters can be one of the most complex parts of the process. Retirement funds are often the largest assets held by a couple. These types of investment funds can be a major vehicle for future savings and pose some tricky questions when it comes time for property division in a divorce.

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