Children react to divorce in different ways. The way that your child will react will depend on a number of factors, including their age, personality and the way that you approach the subject with them. While some children may be unaffected by their parents’ divorce, other children can display excessive anger, or, conversely, can become extremely reserved and timid.

If your child has become very angry as a result of your impending divorce, it is important to address the root issues and give them the time and attention that they deserve. While you should never condone angry behavior, you should understand that this is a reaction to unexpressed or unresolved emotions. The following are some tips to help your child cope with the inevitable changes that will occur in their life.

Talk to your child about what is happening

Many parents dread breaking the news about their divorce to their child, so they simply avoid the topic completely. This can cause children of all ages a great deal of stress since they are likely very aware of the changes taking place but do not know the reasons for them.

It is important that you sit down with your child and explain the situation in an age-appropriate way. This can help them to feel more comfortable about what is going to happen. You should also make sure that they are able to ask questions or raise concerns with you at any time.

Try to maintain stable routines

Children tend to thrive when they have predictable routines. If these routines are heavily disrupted because of divorce, the child may underperform at school and display angry outbursts. Keeping your child’s routine as predictable as possible can go a long way toward preventing them from suffering due to divorce.

Address anger directly

When a child displays anger, it is often a cry for help. You should never ignore this behavior, and instead, you should do what you can to identify the underlying cause.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the divorce process in Colorado and are worried about contentious issues such as child custody and asset division, it is important that you take action to fully understand the law.