Where and how a parent lives can play a role in a child custody decision, and this is generally true in Colorado and most other states. However, there is no one standard used to determine if a parent’s lifestyle is conducive to raising a child. For instance, if the parent and child are not the same gender, it may be best for a parent to provide as much privacy for the child as possible.

An older child may need more room than a younger child, and privacy concerns may also become an issue with an older child. Of course, judges understand that parents may not have the financial means to provide a child with his or her own room, bathroom or other private spaces. Although a judge will likely provide leeway when it comes to a parent’s financial situation, a mother or father should have the means to meet a child’s basic needs.

The child’s safety and ability to adjust to a new situation will also be taken into consideration. For instance, if a child is moving into a smaller home, a court will want to ensure that the child can still be happy there. It is important to note that the child’s happiness and security are more important than providing the largest possible home when making a custody ruling.

Greenwood Village, Colorado, divorce attorneys know that a custody case may be decided by more than just one factor. Ideally, parents will take steps to ensure that their child will be well cared for. This often means cleaning up a home or getting a larger apartment in a safer part of town. Living in or closer to a child’s school district may also help parents show that they are capable of having their kids spend significant time with them.