Colorado couples who go through a divorce may face a challenge adjusting to their new relationship as co-parents. Even people whose breakup was contentious will need to work together with their children for years to come, so it can be important to develop a positive relationship from the beginning. Parents with harsh feelings about each other can benefit from putting those aside for the sake of their children, who are often dedicated to the love of both of their parents. Outside a situation of abuse or neglect, most professionals believe that children benefit from a strong relationship with both parents.

It is important to consider the best interests of the children first at the end of a marriage. This does not mean that incompatible couples should stay together and continue in an unhappy relationship. Rather, they should form a co-parenting relationship that is primarily about the needs of the children rather than their issues with one another. One of the most important things that parents can emphasize for their children is that the divorce was not because of anything the kids did. Instead, the problem was only between the two adults involved.

At the same time, parents should strive to maintain an honest and open relationship with their children. This does not mean bad-mouthing the other parent or sharing intimate details about the divorce. Rather, parents can seek to answer questions as openly as possible without attempting to sway the child to support one parent or the other.

There are a number of ways in which divorcing parents will need to change their relationship over the years in order to protect and support their children. A Greenwood Village, Colorado, child custody and parenting time divorce attorney can often help negotiate a fair settlement on the applicable issues.