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How to meet a child's needs in a divorce

When parents get divorced in Colorado or anywhere else, it is important to consider how the children will be taken care of financially. Generally speaking, the noncustodial parent will make payments to the custodial parent to help with the burden of paying expenses related to raising a child. In some cases, state guidelines will be used to determine how much a custodial parent is entitled to. However, judges are allowed to stray from those guidelines if necessary.

Living arrangements could be pivotal in custody cases

Where and how a parent lives can play a role in a child custody decision, and this is generally true in Colorado and most other states. However, there is no one standard used to determine if a parent's lifestyle is conducive to raising a child. For instance, if the parent and child are not the same gender, it may be best for a parent to provide as much privacy for the child as possible.

Joint custody is becoming increasingly common

These days, fathers in Colorado are more likely to get joint custody. This is a big change from what was commonplace for much of the prior century. Mothers were granted sole custody in roughly 80% of cases in 1980. Nearly three decades later, this was true about 40% of the time.

What factors should be considered in a parenting plan?

If you are aiming to go through an uncontested divorce, this will mean that you are willing to collaborate with your divorcing spouse in order to reach decisions regarding child custody arrangements. Child custody set-ups require a great deal of attention because they will change the lifestyle of your child significantly at a time when they may be emotionally vulnerable.

Divorcing couples look for co-parenting solutions

Colorado couples who go through a divorce may face a challenge adjusting to their new relationship as co-parents. Even people whose breakup was contentious will need to work together with their children for years to come, so it can be important to develop a positive relationship from the beginning. Parents with harsh feelings about each other can benefit from putting those aside for the sake of their children, who are often dedicated to the love of both of their parents. Outside a situation of abuse or neglect, most professionals believe that children benefit from a strong relationship with both parents.

Your child's social media accounts could help you discover abuse

When you have a child who is raised by two people regularly, the likelihood is that they'll feel a connection to both parents for better or worse. In some cases, that connection can mean that a child does not tell another parent when something is wrong. Instead, they hide what happened or might talk about what's happening to them with friends or on social media.

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