There is no doubt that social media has done much to bring people from all over the world together in ways that would never have been possible not so very long ago. But there is a darker side to social media. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the complex emotions that a divorce battle can stir up between the parties. But using social media to vent online can throw a monkey wrench into an otherwise winnable case. Read on for some tips on avoiding unnecessary complications associated with social media during your divorce.

The perils of oversharing

Many social media users are guilty of this, but for those going through a divorce, the consequences can be harsh. It may be impossible to predict the potential hazards a seemingly innocuous post could generate. Yet, knowledge is power. Simply posting your latest Candy Crush score on Facebook could potentially undermine your custody case if your ex can allege that your attention was directed on your cellphone game and not the kids when they were in your custody.

It’s also important not to overshare information about your divorce online. One day, your children will be old enough to read online for themselves the negative posts that you made about their other parent. They may not be forgiving of your lapse of judgment.

Spilling the beans on yourself

Perhaps you have moved on romantically with a new partner prior to your divorce being finalized. If you share pictures of you and your new beau online, it could undermine your divorce case significantly. Never hand such ammunition to your ex’s divorce attorney.

Slamming your ex

If the two of you are the parents of minor children, you will one day have to work together as co-parents. Posting negative comments on your Twitter feed or Instagram updates can come back to bite you if these posts pollute your future co-parenting relationship with your ex. Remember that one day you may need to ask for your co-parent’s cooperation, so don’t create unnecessary bad blood between the two of you.

Your family law attorney can provide guidance and advice about all aspects of your Colorado divorce. When in doubt, seek the counsel of your trusted legal adviser.