Parents in Colorado who can’t afford their child support payments might have ways to get them reduced. However, this may only be true in cases where their circumstances have changed, such as if a child becomes more expensive to care for or if a parent experiences a loss of income or a period of unemployment. Unexpected medical expenses may also qualify as a change in circumstances that could result in a child support order being modified.

To file a motion to have a child support order modified, parents should contact the Child Support Enforcement Office in the appropriate state. The motion should specifically state the change in circumstance that caused it to be filed. It is important to get in touch with this office as soon as possible as failing to make payments without notification could result in significant negative penalties.

It is also important to file a formal motion because an informal deal may not be honored by a judge. Therefore, a parent could be on the hook for a larger amount if a future dispute is resolved in a courtroom. Parents should realize that it isn’t uncommon to have trouble making child support payments. Only 45.3 percent of those who are owed payments received the full amount according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Parents living in Greenwood Village, Colorado who are behind on child support may benefit from hiring an attorney. The attorney may be able to help a parent file a child support modification request or otherwise negotiate a solution with the court. This may allow a parent to provide for a child without the need to spend time in jail or lose a professional license. An attorney may also explain how owing back support is unlikely to impact a visitation order.