Colorado residents who get a divorce may only have retirement accounts or other modest assets to divide when their marriages end. However, people like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos have complicated assets like stock and stock options that can be tricky to value. They could also have assets like paintings or offshore bank accounts that may be harder to divide in a divorce.

It was rumored that Jeff Bezos was having an affair prior to getting divorced, but that may not have an impact in his case unless there is evidence that he was using marital assets to carry on the affair. What could be more important in a case involving the owner of a large corporation is how much a judge thinks each person did to create the marital wealth. Of course, a judge’s opinion could be rendered moot in the event that the parties involved in a divorce case settle on their own.

This is not uncommon in the case of those who have a lot of money or other assets. If Jeff Bezos and his wife split their assets evenly, each party could be worth about $65 billion. That would make his wife the richest woman in the world while knocking Bezos from his perch as world’s richest man.

Wealthy spouses who are looking to get divorced might benefit from hiring high-asset property division divorce attorneys. An attorney may be able to help an individual learn more about his or her rights under state law. This may result in obtaining a larger share of marital property or spousal support for several months or years. It may also allow a person to obtain visitation or custody rights to a child after a marriage is officially over.