Parents in Colorado who are seeking custody of their children may need to attend a custody hearing. To get the most out of the hearing, parents should be organized and ready to articulate the reasons why they should have a significant role in their children’s lives. It may be a good idea to observe other cases to get an idea of the types of questions that a judge may ask.

Observing a case can also help a person get familiar and comfortable with the court’s layout. This can be important because those who are late to a hearing for any reason could have their case dismissed. Visiting the court ahead of time can help a person anticipate traffic or other issues that may arise. At a custody hearing, an individual will likely be granted the opportunity to offer witness testimony or other evidence.

Therefore, it can be beneficial to create a list of witnesses prior to the hearing to be sure that a case is presented properly. It is also worthwhile to make multiple copies of any documents that are relevant to the case. On the day of the hearing, parents should avoid bringing their children to court with them. This can be detrimental to the children as they could be exposed to hurtful words and other drama that isn’t good for them.

While it may be possible for parents to represent themselves in child custody hearings, they may want to hire Greenwood Village, Colorado, child custody and parenting time divorce attorneys. Lawyers may understand the type of evidence that a judge values most when making a ruling. It may also be possible for legal counsel to assist after a custody hearing if a parent believes that he or she deserves greater rights to a son or daughter.