Society recognizes that a dad’s importance in a child’s life is just as relevant as the mom’s. In fact, most state court systems acknowledge this too. Still, many more children today live primarily with their mothers rather than with their fathers. Custody arrangements can be difficult for divorcing couples to work out, but the final decisions should be based on the children’s best interests.

There are many ways that dads can advocate for themselves in preserving their parental rights. For starters, they should commit to specific and regular parenting time that works with everyone’s schedule. It is important for a dad to create adequate space in his home for the children to stay when they are with him. Furthermore, it should not be up to someone else to care for the children when they are supposed to be spending time in dad’s custody.

If there are ill feelings toward the ex-wife, a man may need to put some of his emotions aside for the sake of maintaining a healthy relationship with his children. Co-parenting can take patience to help avoid big petty arguments between the two parents over things such as which shoes a kid should wear. When parents can overlook discontent with each other, it helps make for happier kids who have the freedom to love both of their parents.

Dads who want to preserve their relationships with their kids after divorce might consider seeking the advice of a family law attorney. Children grow quickly, and situations can change just as fast. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to petition the court to make a new decision regarding child custody modifications and parental visitations.