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Parenting middle and high school students through a divorce

Consistent expectations and clear rules are imperative for the success of any child. They need structure to understand the world around them, as well as their role within it. This is particularly true as children move into adolescence and their teenage years. During this trying time, young adults and adolescents often test limits and boundaries.

Understanding the ramifications of protection orders

Many family law concerns in Colorado are difficult, but these cases can be exponentially more complicated when orders of protection need to be applied. An order of protection, sometimes referred to as a restraining order, is a legal document that is signed by a judge to keep parties apart on a temporary or permanent basis. In family law cases, these documents may be necessary if acts of violence, abuse, neglect or other harmful behavior are being carried out.

What divorce is like for rich people

Colorado residents who get a divorce may only have retirement accounts or other modest assets to divide when their marriages end. However, people like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos have complicated assets like stock and stock options that can be tricky to value. They could also have assets like paintings or offshore bank accounts that may be harder to divide in a divorce.

The definition of a common law marriage in Colorado

Sometimes, a couple can be recognized as married under the law when they have not actually gone through a formal ceremony. This means that people who have been in a serious relationship for a significant amount of time can benefit from the security of joint assets and inheritance rights if they were to split up or if one of them should pass away.

How Colorado fathers can secure parenting rights

Society recognizes that a dad's importance in a child's life is just as relevant as the mom's. In fact, most state court systems acknowledge this too. Still, many more children today live primarily with their mothers rather than with their fathers. Custody arrangements can be difficult for divorcing couples to work out, but the final decisions should be based on the children's best interests.

This is how to co-parent successfully

So, you have decided to get divorced. You have made the first decision in a long procession of complicated choices. For instance, you now need to decide what to do with your Denver home, how to fairly divide your other marital assets and even who gets to keep the dog.

Preparing for child custody hearings

Parents in Colorado who are seeking custody of their children may need to attend a custody hearing. To get the most out of the hearing, parents should be organized and ready to articulate the reasons why they should have a significant role in their children's lives. It may be a good idea to observe other cases to get an idea of the types of questions that a judge may ask.

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