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What to consider when divorcing in 2019

Starting in 2019, alimony will no longer be considered income to the person who receives it. Furthermore, it will no longer be a tax deduction for the ex-spouse who makes the payment. For Colorado couples who cannot get their divorces finalized in the final few days of 2018, there may be other ways to avoid the ramifications of the new tax rules.

Getting out of debt may save a marriage

Colorado couples who are considering getting divorced should keep in mind that some experts believe getting out of debt can save a marriage. Debt can cause problems in even the most stable marriage, and getting out from under it can relieve a significant amount of stress. According to a Couples & Money study by Fidelity, 40 percent of couples state that debt has a negative impact on their marriage. Couples who struggle with debt are more likely to have poor communication, and individuals often disagree on who is responsible for the most debt. This can lead to fighting and stressful conversations about money.

The process of obtaining child support

When parents in Colorado get a divorce or separate, it doesn't absolve them of their responsibility to support their children. The same is true if an unmarried couple ends their relationship or they don't live together for any reason. If a couple was not married when a child was born, a court must first establish paternity before a child support order can be created. Typically, merely putting a man's name on a birth certificate does not legally make him the father.

Divorce during the holidays doesn't have to be stressful

Divorce for parents in Colorado during the holidays can mean added disruption to an already stressful time. On top of dealing with holiday shopping and plans for meals with extended family, divorced or divorcing parents also have to figure out the logistics of travel for children in shared custody situations. In addition, shared custody means children may not get to spend as much time with each parent as they would like, making it easy to fall victim to anxiety and depression.

The trouble with a Disneyland Dad

You've probably heard of a Disneyland Dad, and the name gives you a pretty good idea of what it means: a divorced father who takes the kids off to have fun with no rules and no obligations.

Do protection orders actually help?

You suffer physical abuse at the hands of your spouse. You want to get a divorce, and you want to end the relationship, but it makes you nervous. Clearly, your spouse is going to be unhappy and may harm you when you ask for the divorce. It traps you in the relationship.

Parallel parenting works for parents who don't agree to co-parent

Colorado parents headed for divorce court may have heard about co-parenting as well as parallel parenting plans. These are two distinct variations of parenting arrangements that can be adopted and enforced by courts when a family splits. If parents cannot agree on a plan, a court is most likely to impose a parallel plan, but if the parents can get along and are committed to setting aside personal interests in favor of what most benefits the children, co-parenting is an option that has proven beneficial to children.

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