As a grandparent, it is likely that you want to be an active part of your grandchildren’s lives. You will probably want to be able to have regular contact with your grandchildren and be able to spend quality time with them. While this is a privilege that many grandparents enjoy and take for granted, this may not be the case for you.

Unfortunately, parents do have the right to deny grandparents contact with their grandchildren in many situations. There are times where it is considered justifiable for parents to deny grandparents visitation. However, it may be possible to make a legal claim for visitation rights, in certain situations.

When are parents justified in denying visitation to grandparents?

If a grandparent has violated key safety standards, then parents may choose to deny visitation for the sake of their child’s safety. This might be the case if the grandparent did not use the correct car safety restraints, for example.

In addition, a parent may be concerned with what the grandparent is saying to the children about other family members or about the values the grandparent is instilling in them. These reasons are often considered valid ones for denying a grandparent visitation temporarily.

When can grandparents gain legal access to their grandchildren?

Grandparents may be able to gain legal access to their grandchild by standing in the place of their own child, who is the parent of the grandchild. For example, if the parent is incarcerated or otherwise banned from visiting their child, the grandparent may be able to step in on their behalf and gain visitation rights.

What non-legal solutions might help?

Often, grandparents are denied visitation due to a family dispute. Engaging in mediation or counseling to address these issues might help the situation. This is a great way to try and solve the family issues without involving the courts.

If you are involved in a family dispute and are currently unable to see your grandchildren, it is important to be patient and communicate in a mature way. It is also a good idea to further explore the legal options that you have in regard to visiting your grandchildren.