When parents are facing divorce, it is never an easy time for them or their kids. It is usually best for children if their parents can work together and continue co-parenting. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin committed to ‘conscious uncoupling,” which included effective co-parenting for the good of their two children. It sometimes takes a certain amount of resilience for parents to put their children’s needs first, especially if they have a volatile relationship, but some manage to do it well.

A concept across the nation growing in popularity is termed “nesting” or “bird nesting.” This idea gives children a chance to spend quality time with both parents while the kids stay fixed in the family home. Parents typically rent an apartment that the two of them share alternately. One parent occupies the apartment while the other spends time living in the home with the children and then vice-versa. The kids get a chance to come to terms with the separation or divorce while each adult gets their all-important parenting time.

Many family therapists, family law attorneys and family courts in the U.S. agree that the best interests of the child are crucial. Parents need to be honest with their kids about the changes taking place within their family. Children are insightful, and they thrive on structure, which incorporates rules, expectations and even consequences for misconduct. All of this is essential whether parents attempt nesting or not, but however they choose to parent during a divorce, it is necessary for parents to try and get along for the sake of the children.

Greenwood Village, Colorado, child custody and parenting time divorce attorneys may offer insight to a parent facing divorce and trying to keep the relationship with their children intact. Sometimes, parents can agree to custody and visitation plans before the couple gets to family court.