Some Colorado couples who are planning to marry have negative feelings about prenuptial agreements. They think that prenups mean that a couple is planning to get divorced before they are even married. Other people associate prenuptial agreements with financial greed or high-profile celebrity splits. In reality, these arrangements can be useful to people of various financial means. Many experts advise that all couples should think about prenuptial agreements before deciding to tie the knot. This is especially true as more people marry at an older age with established careers and businesses.

Prenups aren’t only about protecting a family fortune or lucrative business. People can even use these kinds of agreements to make sure that debt in the marriage is apportioned fairly. Prenups could address real estate purchases or include agreements about future spousal support. Furthermore, they’re not only useful in case of divorce. Indeed, they can begin a framework for estate planning and the division of assets among each partner’s children. This purpose is particularly useful for spouses with blended families.

However, judges can throw out a prenup if its clauses are unreasonable or contrary to public policy. For example, parents can’t contract away a child’s right to receive child support. In addition, both parties should be represented by a lawyer when drafting a prenup. If the disadvantaged party was unrepresented, the agreement can be set aside.

Prenuptial agreements can be important to consider for couples thinking about getting married. For those considering separation with or without a prenup in place, Colorado divorce attorneys can provide valuable guidance. A family law attorney can work to achieve a fair agreement on matters including spousal support and property division.