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Getting a better understanding of prenups

Some Colorado couples who are planning to marry have negative feelings about prenuptial agreements. They think that prenups mean that a couple is planning to get divorced before they are even married. Other people associate prenuptial agreements with financial greed or high-profile celebrity splits. In reality, these arrangements can be useful to people of various financial means. Many experts advise that all couples should think about prenuptial agreements before deciding to tie the knot. This is especially true as more people marry at an older age with established careers and businesses.

When a higher income means a higher chance of a divorce

Having a lot of money does not necessarily insulate Colorado couples from a divorce. Research from the Federal Reserve Board does show that a higher credit score is linked to a higher likelihood of staying in a committed relationship and that couples are more likely to split up if there is a large disparity between their credit scores. However, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that economic upturns usually also means an increase in divorces.

Applying for a mortgage while owing child support

Owing child support can make it harder to buy a home in Colorado or anywhere else in two different ways. First, child support is counted as a debt when determining a borrower's debt-to-income ratio. Second, owing past support can have a negative impact on a person's credit report and score. However, there is no guarantee that back child support will even show up on a credit report.

Professional choices may affect divorce likelihood

People in Colorado may know that their work lives have an effect on their personal lives as well. From health and well-being to romantic relationships, nearly all aspects of a person's life could be affected by their choices on the job. According to one study, people who work in certain types of environments may also be more likely to divorce. One study investigated whether people who work more closely with other potential partners - for straight people, members of the opposite sex - were more likely to end their marriages than those in a same-sex environment.

Ending alimony when your ex-spouse meets someone new

After your divorce, you were ordered to pay alimony. You didn't mind, because you understood its purpose. You even somewhat agreed with it. Today, though, you're upset because you believe the money isn't going where it should be. In fact, you know that your ex-spouse is living with a new partner, but she hasn't reported it to the court.

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