Individuals in Colorado or elsewhere who are planning to get married may want to avoid doing so on Valentine’s Day. According to research from the University of Melbourne, 11 percent of the couples involved in the study who tied the knot on February 14 got divorced within five years of getting married. After nine years, that figure jumps to 21 percent. Researchers also found that couples should avoid certain dates because of how they appear on the calendar.

The main reason why these dates should be avoided is because it is a sign that a couple is more worried about the wedding than the marriage. Couples may benefit from choosing a wedding date based on affordability and whether it is convenient for friends, relatives or their minor children to attend.

Ideally, an individual will agree to get married because he or she is compatible with another person. While a wedding may be an exciting part of the marriage process, it is only one day in a married couple’s life. Generally speaking, spending too much money on a wedding could lead to financial pressures that could contribute to a divorce. Relationships may also be strained if one person feels that money or time spent on a wedding could have been better used elsewhere.

Those who are thinking about getting a divorce may benefit from consulting with Greenwood Village, Colorado, divorce attorneys. Doing so may help an individual learn more about how marital property may be divided or child custody decisions may be made. It can also be beneficial because an attorney may be able to look at the case from a factual perspective as opposed to an emotional one. This may allow for a divorce to be settled in a timely and relatively affordable manner.