A recent report points to it being the norm in custody matters here in Colorado for fathers and mothers to get equal time with the kids.

The study made estimates on average custody time for fathers for each state. The study found that fathers here in Colorado typically get 50 percent custody time. Now, such an even split was not the case throughout the country. Only 19 other states were found to typically divide custody time 50/50 between parents. In the remaining states, the average amount of custody time given to fathers fell somewhere below the 50 percent mark. The nationwide average for father custody time is 35 percent.

So, it appears that equal custody splits are more common here in Colorado than they are in many other parts of the country. Now, it is important to note that this does not mean that every custody case in the state will end up with 50/50 split. Colorado courts base custody decisions on the best interests of the children, and in some cases may decide that an unequal division of custody time would best suit these interests.

And, of course, not all 50/50 custody arrangements will look the same. The individual details can vary greatly based on a family’s individual circumstances and the needs and interests of the children involved.

As this underscores, whatever custody trends are currently present in Colorado, it is very important for parents who are getting divorced to tailor their approach in custody matters to their family’s unique circumstances and their children’s best interests. Skilled divorce attorneys can assist with such tailoring.