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How the tax code influences divorce planning

Colorado residents who make alimony payments get to take a tax deduction for the amount paid. For divorces that are finalized starting in 2019, however, alimony will be treated like child support. The person who makes the payment won't receive a tax deduction while the receiver won't count it as income. There will also be changes for parents who get divorced in the near future.

Consider these business strategies if you’re headed for divorce

Divorce is never an easy road to go down. Even if your assets only consist of a couple of cars and a house in Greenwood Village, you could still be facing weeks if not months of negotiations before you reach a divorce settlement. However, if you also own a business, planning for your divorce becomes even more important to your future financial stability.

Dealing with inherited IRAs during divorce

When people in Colorado make the decision to divorce, sorting out financial matters can be one of the most complex parts of the process. Retirement funds are often the largest assets held by a couple. These types of investment funds can be a major vehicle for future savings and pose some tricky questions when it comes time for property division in a divorce.

Who can receive spousal maintenance in a Colorado divorce?

Ending a marriage is not easy, even (or especially) if the decision was not yours. You might be feeling angry at your spouse and scared about what your future will look like. You can also feel overwhelmed by the prospect of supporting yourself, particularly if your spouse was the primary earner in your family.

3 parenting provisions to prevent toxic co-parent relationships

What is a toxic co-parenting relationship? If you're in such a relationship, you know exactly what's meant by "toxic" in this context. When two people have a child together and later split apart, they will usually stay tied to one another through their kids. As co-parents, they will need to navigate various decisions about raising their children, how to share their time with their kids and coordinate pick-up and drop-off times and locations.

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